LeAnn Rimes, Kim Kardashian, La La Anthony

“We’ve Got the Upper Hand!”

Celebs deal with psoriasis, too! Here’s how they stand up to the disease:

Show psoriasis who’s boss!

“By finally getting control over it instead of it having control over me, I wanted to speak out and let people know that there is hope.”

—LeAnn Rimes on going public with her psoriasis

Make light of it!

“Kinda funny & gross but look at my heart shaped psoriasis! LOL Had to share!”

—Kim Kardashian tweeting about a spot of psoriasis

No hiding allowed!

“I’ve had this for a long time and I’ve still been able to go on and I’ve still been able to do all these amazing things, and I’ve never let psoriasis get in the way of any of that. You don’t have to be ashamed… because of it, you can still live life and do amazing things.”

—TV personality La La Anthony