Tiffanie Misner

Tips to Feel Your Best with Psoriasis

Tiffanie Misner shares some of her tips for living her best life with psoriasis.


Pamper your skin.
Tiffanie regularly exfoliates with a loofah, moisturizes three times a day and takes soothing salt baths. “These things saved me!”

“If you go into a hole and you don’t do the things you love or live your life the way that you normally would, it will worsen this autoimmune disease and trigger setbacks,” says Tiffanie. “But if you continue your normal activities and go out there and find positivity in other people, that’s what’s going to make things better.”

Put your intentions on paper.
Keeping yourself on the right track takes work, but setting small goals along the way can help, says Tiffanie. “I try to journal on Sunday nights. I’ll write down my goals, then read them during the week. I think it reminds you of your intentions throughout the week.” One of the goals she recently set: Be nice to everyone and show kindness. “My mom says that, with challenges, it’s 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to what happens to you.”