Richard Kandelac playing drums, skiing, hiking

Three Ways to Take the Reins from Psoriatic Arthritis

These strategies help keep Richard Kandelac active and upbeat. Ask your doctor if they can help you!

Zap Stress

Richard’s rheumatologist encouraged him to meet with doctors at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, where he was introduced to proven complementary approaches to improve his overall health. “I spent several months practicing breathing exercises, which completely relaxes me when I’m in pain or having trouble falling asleep,” he explains. Another stress-buster: weekly massages.

Look at Your Diet

Another specialist at the clinic suggested Richard follow a gluten-free eating plan. The reason: Gluten, which is a protein in wheat, can trigger arthritis symptoms to flare. Psoriasis experts have not found a particular food that helps or hurts psoriasis or PsA, but if you think a food may be a trigger, healthy diet adjustments may help.

Get Support

Richard emphasizes the importance of speaking with a mental health professional, as well as with others who have been diagnosed with this condition. “You have to talk about it — you cannot hide it or it will kill you inside,” he says. “I hid it for so long, but once I opened up to people with psoriatic arthritis, they started sharing their stories with me.”