Melissa Leeolou

Take Control of Psoriasis

Psoriasis need not control your life, says Melissa Leeolou, who shares the strategies that have helped her…

Keep stress in check.
“Stress management is a big part of a healthy lifestyle for me, which can only help my psoriasis.” To shed stress, Melissa turns to regular exercise, meditation and yoga.

Stay positive.
“Remember that it’s okay to have psoriasis,” Melissa says. “The more you talk about it, the more people are compassionate and understanding. Remember that psoriasis doesn’t define you—it doesn’t have to take over your life.”

Get connected.
Finding a doctor and healthcare team you are comfortable with is key to managing your condition. “Psoriasis changes a lot over time, so you may need to revisit options and try different combinations over time,” Melissa says. “Even though the trial and error can be frustrating, if you have a good team you can work together to discuss options and find what works best for you.”