Remote Patient Monitoring

Get reimbursed for tracking your patients

Introducing a new approach to tracking your psoriasis patients’ triggers, symptoms and treatments — providing you with insightful data, in an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

The Psoriasis Monitor app provides you and your patients with the platform to more effectively monitor their psoriasis care, while allowing your office to be reimbursed for the time you spend monitoring the data.

Psoriasis Monitor provides you with a turnkey solution to Remote Patient Monitoring. By claiming your Psoriasis Monitor dashboard using the 4-easy steps below, you can invite your patients to add the app to their mobile devices.

How to Claim Your Psoriasis Monitor Dashboard

  1. Register Here.
  2. Your NPI is your user ID and your Psoriasis Monitor access code is your password. No access code? No problem, you can register without one by selecting “I don’t have and access code” on the form and we’ll call your office to activate your dashboard.
  3. When you register, please update the information we have on file for you. Here are some guidelines:
    • The Office Email may be the one that is the best way to reach your Practice Manager. It will show on your profile that your patients can see in their app on their phones.
    • In the “My Chart” field enter the web address of the portal your patients use to see their EHR. This will add a link to your profile on your patients’ phone app, making it easier for them to access it.
  4. Once you submit your registration, we'll send you a verification email and then you'll be taken to your new dashboard

Getting Patients to Your Dashboard

  • We will send you a Welcome Kit of patient promotional materials for the app, or you can download them here.
  • We recommend that you message your patients through the EMR to notify all of them of this new way to improve their treatment. Your message might include:
    "I’ve added a new service to my practice which will allow me to monitor your progress remotely. It is covered by Medicare and most insurance policies, and will help us to help you manage your symptoms. I recommend you download the free Psoriasis Monitor app from your favorite app store and select me, Dr. <First-Name Last-Name> as your specialist when you register. This way your data from the phone will be reported to my team. To learn more, visit"

Incremental Revenue Opportunity for Your Practice

Register today for your FREE 60-day trial and we will send you an email describing how the reimbursements can work to earn thousands of dollars for your practice.